Mezcla de pensamientos

Ayer la razón me jugó una mala pasada y estas tres canciones adjuntaron:
Take a bow
All the world is a stage [world is a stage]
And everyone has their part [has their part]
But how was I to know which way the story'd go
How was I to know you'd break
[You'd break, you'd break, you'd break]
You'd break my heart
You’ll see
You will see
I don't need anyone else
I will resist
I'll manage to go on
I'll do it for myself
It will be my personal glory
No one, not even you, can take it from me
You'll see
The power of good bye
There's nothing left to lose
There's no more heart to bruise
There's no greater power
Than the power of good-bye
Learn to say good-bye
I yearn to say good-bye.
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